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  (reposted with corrections.  I've received a few e-mails stating either the links or the 
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White Box Technologies is pleased to announce under agreement with ASHRAE the launch of 
*WBT Weather Data for Energy Calculations,* a web site providing instant access to typical 
year and historical year weather files for thousands of locations around the world.  The 
data are created from recorded weather data going back as far as 30 years to as recent as 
the past week.

For typical year weather data, the web site features *ASHRAE's IWEC2 weather files for 
3,012 international locations*, as well as TMY3, CWEC2, and CZ2010 weather files for US, 
Canadian, and California locations, respectively.  IWEC2 weather files cost $35 each, the 
other sets are public data hosted with permission and provided free of charge.

For historical weather data, this Web site features *weather files from 2007 to 2012 for 
over 10,000 locations around the world, including over 1,500 US and 300 Canadian 
locations.* Older weather files going back to 1980 are also available and can be generated 
on request. The historical weather files have been processed by WBT and cost $50 each.  
Typical year weather files can also be produced on request for any location with 7 or more 
years of historical data.

All weather files are provided in two formats: *.BINM for use in DOE-2-derived programs 
and *.EPW for use in EnergyPlus-derived programs, including the DDY file. The IWEC2 files 
also contain an archival *.CSV format, and the historical files an archival *.FIN4 
format.  Discount prices for large orders and subscriptions are also available.

ASHRAE's IWEC2 files are made possible through ASHRAE Research funding.  The WBT Weather 
Data for Energy Calculations web site  has been created by a long-time building energy 
modeler with several decades' experience in processing weather data for use in building 
energy simulations.

Please check out the web site for more detail
To go to the home page, click here http://weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com 
To go directly to the IWEC2 weather page, click here 
To go directly to the historical weather page, click here 

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