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Hi Francesco,

Have you looked at CBECS? (Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey)


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2014-04-30 10:17 GMT+02:00 Francesco Passerini <fpasserini.tn at gmail.com>:

> I need to get data concerning the average energy consumption of museums
> and conference rooms. The buildings should not be particularly energy
> inefficient. In fact, my goal is to predict, very approximately, the energy
> consumption of a building that is going to be designed in the next months.
> Getting a range of possible values would be great. The data should be
> divided in heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, lighting, process
> energy. In http://buildingsdatabook.eren.doe.gov/ I have found
> interesting data, but not specifically relative to museums and conference
> rooms. Where could I find a database or a study that could help me, please?
> With Regards
> Francesco Passerini
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