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Jacob Dunn jdunn at eskewdumezripple.com
Mon Dec 15 16:28:45 PST 2014

Hello all -

Full disclosure I'm an architecture intern, but I had a general question about how VAV systems are controlled.

If you have one central VAV system with a boiler and a chiller, and lets say its serving 10 zones.  At night with the proper night cycle control, during unoccupied hours if only one of those zones floats above the setback and calls for cooling - do all of the vav terminals come on as well? Or does the entire system energize and deliver cold air just to that one VAV terminal?

The reason I ask, is that I'm modeling a large school with a VAV system in EnergyPlus.  When cycling at night, it looks like all of the terminals come on, even if they don't need the cooling.

If anyone can elaborate on how EnergyPlus (or other modeling programs) controls this aspect of VAV night cycling, and also how it works in the real world, that would be much appreciated.


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