[Bldg-sim] Two Questions for the esteemed members of this fine list

RobertWichert robert at wichert.org
Sat Sep 20 12:25:01 PDT 2014

I am working on modeling a small computer room.  The computers are the 
major load.  The space is served by a small water cooled chiller and an 
air handler, with economizer.  The questions are:

1)  Does EnergyPlus lend itself to such models, and are there specific 
tools that might be useful?  I am interested in accurately modeling the 
computer with varying loads over the year, and with the economizer 
enabled to show the difference in various supply air temperatures and 
cooling tower strategies (multiple versus one cooling tower, variable 
versus multiple fans) as well as various economizer strategies (return 
air versus supply air control and the resulting chiller loading).  I am 
also interested in detailed chiller modeling, as the load varies from 
full economizer to full chiller and the chiller part-load performance is 
a key attribute. The chiller supply temperature will be higher than 
typical for chilled water coil cooling, so that must be flexible as well.

2)    Is there any specialized modeling tool that anyone knows about 
that is especially good for such modeling?  I would instinctively say 
EQuest is NOT good for that, but I may be mistaken.  I could make 
EnergyPro work, but I do not believe that the cooling tower / chiller 
interface is detailed enough using DOE.2.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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