[Bldg-sim] SPOT Pro v4.74 released! Final weeks for discounted pricing!

Zack Rogers zrogers at daylightinginnovations.com
Mon Aug 10 12:40:09 PDT 2015

Fellow building simulationists,

A new version of the Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool daylighting and
lighting design software, SPOT Pro v 4.74, is now available!  Visit SPOT
 home <http://www.daylightinginnovations.com/spot-home>

to learn more about it and download the software.

SPOT Pro is a Windows-based stand-alone lighting and daylighting design
interface to a powerful Radiance ray-tracing engine that sits, accessible,
behind the scenes.  SPOT Pro has a number of unique simulation capabilities:

   - *Optical daylighting system annual simulation* - SPOT uses "system
   BSDF" files to describe these optical or complex fenestration systems and
   perform annual simulation.
   - *Shade control simulation* - both automated/photosensor-based control
   and a range of manual shade control algorithms are available
   - *Annual metric reports* - compare various daylighting metrics with
   standard daylighting reports for LEED (v4, 2009, v2.1), CHPS and a
SPOT performance
   - *"Design Day" calculations* - results showing average "design day"
   conditions (calibrated to climate data) rather than a specific weather
   condition in an hourly weather file.
   - *Simulation of photosensor systems and electric lighting* - SPOT simulates
   the actual photosensor system response, lets you refine the control system
   settings, and provides an annual simulation of the interaction between
   electric lighting and daylighting.  For those aiming for truly accurate
   simulation of the interaction between daylighting and electric lighting,
   this may be the *only tool* that does not use workplane illuminance (an
   average or a point) as a proxy for the photosensor signals, and that
   accounts for the interaction of electric light feedback on common
   closed-loop control systems.
   - *Output to DOE-2 and EnergyPlus* - After optimization and simulation
   of the photosensor system, SPOT provides annual LPD multiplier schedule
   output files for both DOE-2 and EnergyPlus.  Direct output to HAP coming
   - *Internal Geometry Modeler* - The internal modeling tools are fairly
   robust, with blocks, sloped ceilings, monitors, and sawtooth geometries
   available, yet still easy and quick to use with no CAD experience
   necessary.  Sketchup models can be imported into the software behind the
   - *Material Database and Editor * - New material database allows colors,
   patterns, glass, metals, and BSDF files to be assigned to your model's
   - *Improved Renderings -* The use of materials and patterns greatly
   improve the quality of the perspective and sectional renderings.

The software is in its final weeks of beta testing with the official v5.0
release coming at the end of August, 2015.  Commercial licenses bought
during this final beta stage are 1/2 off and will be valid for all SPOTPro
v5.X releases (at least a 3 year cycle).  Reduced price educational
licenses are also available.

The SPOT user manual

provides detailed information about the software including screen shots of
the various aspects of the program and this SPOT webinar
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecBFe83HRSY> provides a good introduction
to the software.

The next SPOT training webinars will be held at the Radiance workshop in
Philadelphia on August 18, 2015 (register at the workshop website

)  followed by a Performance.Network webinar on Sept 4, 2015 (register at
performance.network <http://www.performance.network>

).  E-mail spot at daylightinginnovations.com if you are interested in joining
or scheduling a future SPOT webinar.

Happy Simulating!

[image: Inline image 3]

Zack Rogers, P.E., LEED AP BD+C
Daylighting Innovations, LLC
808 S. Public Road, Suite 200
Lafayette, CO 80026

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