[Bldg-sim] SOFTWARE Apidae Calibrator is released

David Bosworth bosworth at buildlab.net
Tue Aug 25 09:01:10 PDT 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of the next tools in the Apidae suite
of cost-saving software programs. Apidae Calibrator enables you to
fine-tune your building energy models to ensure that they match your
building’s actual energy usage. Check it out, along with several other free
trials for a limited time at apidaelabs.com <https://apidaelabs.com/http://>

The Apidae suite already includes several individual tools, each of which
solves a major problem engineers confront in designing more efficient

*Apidae Accelerator* — Run large numbers of energy simulations quickly, so
you can spend less time crunching data and more time optimizing your

*Apidae Influence* — Perform sensitivity analyses on your models, to
determine which inputs matter most to your building’s overall performance.

*Apidae Factors* — Conduct parametric sweeps and exploratory data analysis,
allowing you to focus on the ranges and inputs that interest you, and
explore the results in a dynamic graphical environment.

*Apidae Calibrator* — Calibrate your models to real-world building data, so
you can make better predictions about your building’s future energy usage.

There are trials available on the website, along with links to blog posts
and demonstration videos. Feel free to try it out. Training and APIs for
these tools are also available.



bosworth at buildlab.net
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