[Bldg-sim] Different HVAC systems rules

John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 22:57:34 PDT 2015

You ask for so much. I will respond for eQuest. Asking for "any" software is like asking how to say "Good morning" in all of the World's languages.
In eQuest (and it's parent program DOE-2), there is a section in the online manuals for many HVAC systems and typical inputs required for all. Volume 3 of the eQuest on line manuals gives typical parameters for 23 typical systems. For VRF and DOAS, there are "work arounds" to relatively simulate these systems.
To use an American phrase "one size does NOY fit all".
I cannot speak for other programs.
All ASHRAE shows you is the minimum requirement for, say, ERR or SEER, etc. It doesn't develop all the system parameters.
Others in this fine forum will chime in as well (when they arise tomorrow morning).
John R. Aulbach, PE 

     On Thursday, August 27, 2015 9:52 PM, Rasheed Ahmad <rasheed.jmi at gmail.com> wrote:

 Dear All,

I want to know , how we use input values for different types of HVAC while we model it them in any energy software. Is ASHRAE 90.1.2004/2010 is the solely base standard to have the reference values of all the input parameter for HVAC systems? And we know that we have to model this system like this in Simulation software. eg lets say, how i would get to know how i have to model and which parameters to input for ground source heat pump/ or radiant cooling.

Thank you in advance.

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