[Bldg-sim] Common loop distributed heat pump system

Tauhid tauhid80 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 11:31:42 PST 2015


I am trying to model a system involving water source heat pumps using
eQuest.  If someone can please help me by providing modelling guidelines, I
will really be thankful.  Here is the description of the system.

Load Information:  The building will be a commercial space, which will have
a balanced heating and cooling load in winder and shoulder season.  During
winter, the heating load in the perimeter zones will be offset by the
cooling load in the core zones.  To explain further, I will have one common
supply loop supplying to both the perimeter and the core zones.  Heat pumps
in the perimeter zones will extract heat from the common supply loop and
return colder water to the same supply loop; where as heat pumps in the
core zones will use the cooler water in the common supply loop to reject
heat from the space and return hotter water to the same loop.  Basically
there will be only one supply loop which will keep on circulating water
within itself; there is no return loop at all.

How would I model this in eQest.  Is there any way I can trick the system
to model it?  Also, in case if there is extra heat in the loop, I am trying
to store that in a thermal storage.  How do I model a thermal storage
system in eQuest?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hassan Quazi, P.Eng.
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