[Bldg-sim] Revised TMY3 Weather Files now available on the Web

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These weather files are great, thanks for the info, but I am trying to 
get wet bulb temperature too, and they do not seem to give wet bulb 

Any ideas on that, perhaps?

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On 1/30/2015 9:10 PM, Joe Huang wrote:
> White Box Technologies (WBT), in collaboration with the National 
> Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), has revised the TMY3 weather files 
> to correct inconsistencies in units for illuminances, improve the 
> reporting of Liquid Precipitation, replace all missing records with 
> interpolated or filled values (chiefly for visibility, ceiling height, 
> aerosol optical depth, and albedo), and add a new variable for Present 
> Weather.
> Since their release in 2005, the TMY3 weather files covering 1,020 
> locations in the US and dependencies has become the standard set of 
> weather files for use in computer simulations of solar energy 
> conversion systems and buildings. The intent of this revision is not 
> to redo the fundamental analysis, but correct some known errors and 
> make modest improvements in the reporting of subsidiary climate 
> variables.
> The only impact from these corrections and changes are for daylighting 
> simulations that use the illuminance values, and for building 
> simulations that use the liquid precipitation to model green roofs or 
> moisture transport through the building envelope. The added Present 
> Weather variable is not directly used in any simulation program, but 
> allows the DOE-2 BINM files to have correct IRAIN and ISNOW flags, 
> although these two variables are not being used in DOE-2.  Filling in 
> missing data for Visibility, Ceiling Height, etc., should have no 
> impact on the use of the TMY3s, but improves their overall 
> record-keeping.
> The revised TMY3 files in their native CSV format have been provided 
> back to NREL and are available here: 
> http://rredc.nrel.gov/solar/old_data/nsrdb/1991-2005/tmy3
> The revised TMY3 files in EPW and BINM formats are available for free 
> download on the White Box Technologies web site at 
> http://weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/wd-TMY3 or by selecting File 
> Type as "TMY3" at http:/weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/search to 
> search using GoogleEarth. The zip file names are unchanged, but the 
> underlying EPW and DDY files will have the *TYA designation to 
> distinguish them from the previous TMY3 versions.
> For a more detailed description and full documentation of the 
> revision,  please see the attached memorandum.
> Joe
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