[Bldg-sim] LEED Review Comment: Spaces served by Unit Heaters

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Hi Kevin,

I agree a heating-only space is not grounds alone to require/justify an
exception under G3.1.1.

Provided no criteria are in place to trigger an exception under G3.1.1.,
language determining your baseline system type(s) and how to approach
heating-only spaces should be largely* confined between Tables G3.1,
G3.1.1A (incl. footnotes) and G3.1.1B.

* The other spot which may be of interest on this front would be the
glossary entries defining a conditioned/semi-heated space (and thereby what
DOESN’T classify as a conditioned space for the purpose of whether to apply
baseline cooling to the proposed case).



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Hi Nick, I see what you mean.  Essentially, the first paragraph of my post
is the Review Comment.  Everything after is my rant.  I do not believe that
a heating only space would automatically qualify for exception to G3.1.1 in
ASHRAE 90.1-2004.  The post was only to verify that there was no other
criteria for selecting baseline system types for heating only spaces in
ASHRAE 90.1-2004 other than the baseline system type tables.

Yes, my response was to clarify compliance with 2004 and I did leave out
reference to 2010.



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The formatting below leaves me confused as to where the comment ends and
your response begins (and ends again?)…

If your models are in compliance with 90.1-2004, I think the core request
here is to clarify that’s the case.  Describe fully how the spaces in
question are handled in the Proposed and Baseline case, and cite the
specific passages and exceptions (if any) applied.  Evoking later editions
of 90.1 (specifically baseline systems 9 and/or 10) may unnecessarily
confuse the issue.

Along the way, you should probably clarify whether you are or are not
attempting to make the case for an exception under G3.1.1 (the text
preceding table G3.1), as that also seems to be up in the air.  If you are,
be sure to substantiate how the exception applies in your clarification.

If after all this, the particulars of your project leave you unsure of how
to apply 90.1-2004 for LEED v2.2 on this front, you may want to contact
GBCI directly with the details using their “contact us” form (wherein you
may request a phone call if it’s necessary to convey the full situation):

Hope that helps!



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Sorry for the cross-postings.

3. It is unclear how the spaces served by unit heaters have been modeled in
the Baseline model. Provide a clarification narrative on the modeling
methodology with regards to system sizing, fan power, and capacities.

It is unclear why this comment is stated for a project pursuing version
2.2.  A space served by a unit heater must be modeled with cooling
identical to its system modeled in baseline per ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Table
G3.1.10.d.  A unit heater is not acceptable criteria for exception to
G3.1.1.  Therefore if a building baseline HVAC system type is regarding as
VAV then spaces served by unit heaters must also have a VAV baseline HVAC
system type.

It is understood that ASHRAE 90.1-2010 contains an exception to Table
G3.1.10.d and that G3.1.1 contains exception e.  However, this should not
apply to V2.2.

Am I missing something again or is this a plug-in comment from later

Thank you.
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