[Bldg-sim] Simple LEED type question-actually for a utility program

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Read any other way, the baseline allowances would arbitrarily “penalize”
the performance rating of any building NOT lighting up all their
driveways/facades like a Vegas strip… not in keeping with the general
thrust of an energy standard.



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The allowance is determined using only the applications that are actually
illuminated in the design. If the design does not include any non-tradable
lighting applications, then none is modeled in either case. For any
application in the design, it is not the area or length that could
potentially be illuminated, but the actual illuminated area or length that
is used to determine the baseline allowance.

Hope that helps,

Cam Fitzgerald

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If there is NO outdoor lighting on the building (except entrances), such as
building facade lighting, does the ASHRAE 90.1 version of facade lighting
have to be input to BOTH Base and proposed buildings? Or can it be left out
all together?

Thanks in advance.

John R. Aulbach, PE
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