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Dear Forum,
The refrigerated warehouse we're modeling uses an "economizer" to help
unload the compressors in the winter. As I understand it, the system works
something like hot gas bypass for commercial air conditioners and routes
hot gas to the inlet of the compressor.
I don't see a direct method of modeling this, so I plan to create a
modified capacity curve for the compressors in order to represent the
impact of this "economizer".

   1. Do you have a better idea?
   2. Any cautions that apply to this approach from your experience?

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 10:33 AM, David Cocking <
David.Cocking at designbuilder.co.uk> wrote:

> DesignBuilder are running a simulation training course in collaboration
> with University College London (UCL) this April. This face to face course
> in London is an excellent opportunity to find out how to get the most out
> of DesignBuilder EnergyPlus and learn best practice modelling techniques.
> It is suitable for new and experienced users alike, and is structured to
> give you plenty of worked examples so you can 'learn by doing'. The last 2
> days will be of particular interest for those wanting to get up to speed
> with CFD and EnergyPlus HVAC system simulations. Our new VRF capability
> will be included in the Detailed HVAC day.
> The course is completely modular and you can choose to attend any of the 5
> days according to your particular training requirements:
> *Day 1: 13th April - Modeller*. To show you how to confidently and
> quickly set up building geometry, import floor plans and gbXML models, zone
> the building and define and select constructions and glazing. We’ll also
> explain how our data inheritance feature can dramatically reduce the amount
> of data input required to help speed up modelling and reduce the risk of
> input errors.
> *Day 2: 14th April - Basic Simulation**. Learn how to quickly model
> external influences such as non-standard ground conditions, adjacent
> buildings and shading objects; use templates for improved modelling
> efficiency; run heating and cooling designs and simulations and review
> results; easily add solar shading; and input model data such as lighting
> and HVAC efficiently.
> *Day 3: 15th April - Daylighting, Natural Ventilation & Renewables**. Modelling
> low environmental impact design solutions including daylighting using our
> integrated Radiance tool, natural ventilation, mixed mode, PV and wind
> turbines.
> *Day 4: 16th April - Introduction to Detailed HVAC**. Introducing
> EnergyPlus HVAC modelling in DesignBuilder and getting started with
> Detailed HVAC including HVAC templates to quickly load pre-configured HVAC
> systems, VRF modelling, HVAC plant loops and our Results Viewer.
> *Day 5: 17th April - CFD**. Learn the key concepts of internal and
> external CFD from the basic building blocks through to using simulation
> data to define boundary conditions more accurately.
> *Note that Days 2-5 all require previous experience with the modeller or
> attendance on Day 1.
> The cost of the course is £250 GBP per day, with significant discounts
> available for academia. Discounts are also available for multiple bookings.
> You can find out more about the UCL simulation training course (and indeed
> our extensive worldwide training schedule) by contact the office or via the
> training page on our website:
> http://www.designbuilder.co.uk/content/view/78/115/
> We hope to see you there!
> Dave
> David Cocking
> Director
> DesignBuilder Software Limited
> +44 (0) 1453 755500
> www.designbuilder.co.uk
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