[Bldg-sim] Extreme Weather Data

Chip Barnaby chipbarnaby at gmail.com
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The weather data PDFs on the Fundamentals CD (packaged with the print 
volume) includes 20 and 50 year return period extreme dry bulb temps.  
On the CD, look in the folder DATA_TABLES_FOR_STATIONS folder.  There is 
also a map-based station finder.

A wealth of additional info can be derived with the WDView 5.0 product 
sold by the ASHRAE Bookstore.  Everyone should have a copy of that.

Chip Barnaby

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>Good morning to all...
>I have gone through what feels like every page of the ASHRAE Handbook 
>of Fundamentals in search of "N=20" and N=50" extreme high temperature 
>data.  I was told it was in the Handbook, but I cannot find it and I 
>have spent the better part of two hours looking for it.  Numerous web 
>searches have not yielded any results either.  If anyone is willing to 
>help with this, I would very much appreciate it.  The job is for a data 
>center, and they need the N=20 (described as a twenty year high 
>temperature) and the N=50 (described as a fifty year high temperature) 
>for design.
>Any ideas?  Anybody?
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