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[EnergyPlus_Support] New file -- A present for the weekend

It's Labor Day weekend in the US.  Not usually a time for giving presents, 
but I have uploaded a file that might be useful to you.  It's in the Files 
Area on Yahoo, under the Folder Uitlities.  Name is WinEPDraw.exe

What does it do?  It is a Windows Application that can be used to create 
the DXF files from the proper combination of Energy+.idd and .idf 
files.  (That is, the Energy+.idd definitions should match the objects in 
the .idf file).

It's a fairly small app -- 630KB and will need a DLL file that should be 
already installed if you have installed the EnergyPlus 
WeatherConverter.  And, needs a WinTel system (or emulating) to 
run.  Should be copied into the same directory where EnergyPlus.exe is or 
to the same directory as the Energy+.idd file.

To make it work, use the standard Windows File open convention to select an 
.idf file for processing.  Multiple .idf files can then be selected 
successively.  Any errors are written to the <filename>.EPDerr file in the 
same directory as the selected .idf file -- of course, any .dxf file there 
will be overwritten.  This version uses different colors for Roofs/Ceilings 
and Floors (standard EnergyPlus version uses the same color for Walls, 
Roofs/Ceilings and Floors).  These will likely be the colors used in the 
next release of EnergyPlus as well.

This app has undergone basic testing -- please report any problems to me at 

Thanks -- let me know what you think of it, too!


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