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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Data Input

On 10 Jan 2002, at 12:29, wlm@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear Sirs,
> I have the following questions when input the data at the
> captioned page or section of the programme: 
> At the section of "Thermal Zone Description"
> - at the row of "Outside Face Environment Object: I can't input
> anything even the zone is facing other of zone, why? 

There is an error in the IDD file which prevents the IDF Editor from 
allowing entries in this field.  You can add an entry by using a text 
editor and then re-open the file in the IDF Editor.  Or you can 
download a fixed IDD file from the EnergyPlus_Support Yahoo group.  
Login at groups.yahoo.com, select the EnergyPlus_Support group, then 
select "Files".  There is a revised version of Energy+.idd available 
which should fix this problem.  Download it and replace the file in 
your main EnergyPlus folder.

> - if the building is high-rise typical type, how to using the
> multiplier function? 

The zone multiplier function is not active in Version, but 
it will be available in version 1.0.1.  When it is available, you 
would describe one or more zone to represent a middle floor of the 
building, and then assign the appropriate multiplier to each of those 
zones to represent the total number of middle floors.  Since the 
ground floor and top floor see different loads, you would describe 
different zones for those floors.

> Anyway, I also want to know that if the new version of Energy Plus
> Programme (2001) is available for us to download? 

A beta version of 1.0.1 is expected in mid-February 2002.

Mike Witte

EnergyPlus Testing and Support      

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