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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] heat exchanger

On 14 Jan 2002, at 14:01, habaza11@xxxxxx wrote:

> Happy new year; If the heat exchanger option "Economize lockout" is
> yes the outside air will bypass the Heatexchanger. thus OA HEAT
> RECOVERY 1:Sensible Heat Recovery Energy[J](Hourly) should be zero
> when outside air temperature is less than the inside air
> temperature and inside temperature is over 24C. Unfortionatelly.
> the heat recovery rate is not comming up =0 during any of the
> summer times . I will be grateful if you may help. the input file
> is attached to this message Thanks H. Abaza 

The heat exchanger algorithm determines economizer operation by 
comparing the current supply air flow rate through the heat exchanger 
with the "nominal supply air flow rate" specified for the heat 
exchanger.  If the current supply air flow rate is greater than the 
nominal, then the algorithm assumes that the economizer is operating 
and it shuts off the heat exchanger (if you have specified economizer 
lockout = YES).  

Therefore, the heat exchanger nominal supply air flow rate must equal 
the minimum outside air flow rate.  In your run, the heat exchanger 
nominal supply air flow rate was set to the system supply air flow 
rate instead of the minimum OA flow rate.  That is why the heat 
exchanger was never locked out.  I will request that the 
documentation be clarified to avoid this confusion.


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