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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Output Results

You will note that your .err file contained the following:
    ** Warning ** The following Report Variables were requested but not 
    **   ~~~   ** because IDF did not contain these elements or misspelled 
variable name -- check .rdd file
    ************* Key=*, VarName=SYSTEM SENSIBLE COOLING RATE
    ************* EnergyPlus Completed Successfully-- 28 Warning; 0 Severe 

This is a warning that this variable is not active in this simulation.  I 
am attaching the .rdd from the current 1.0.1 build which will illustrate 
the variables that are active for this particular simulation.  Any of these 
can be used.

HOWEVER, note that without HVAC components, you will not see non-zero 
Heating or Cooling as these will not be provided by the simulation unless 
you have components that can supply those.

For example, the attached RDD does contain:
HVAC,Sum,Zone/Sys Sensible Cooling Energy[J]
HVAC,Sum,Zone/Sys Sensible Heating Energy[J]

but neither of these values will be non-zero unless you can supply HVAC 
components (Primary Air Loop, Purchased Cooling, etc) in your simulation 
input file.

Linda Lawrie
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