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[EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus V1.0.1 Beta

Solicitation of Interest -- Beta Testers for EnergyPlus V 1.0.1

We would like to release EnergyPlus V 1.0.1 soon.  Before we do that, we 
are wondering if there are users out there who would be interested in 
gaining the current build of the new release and doing some testing with it.

Note that there will be differences in the inputs required (especially for 
any HVAC runs).  We have created a VCompare program to assist you in 
transitioning from one IDF to a new one, but it is not automatic and may 
not be perfect.

We do not plan on a full install for this "beta release" -- rather there 
will be a self extracting executable that you will be able to extract into 
a set of folders on your computer.  We will have some example IDFs included 
but may not include the results of them.  Likewise, we do not intend to 
include some of the auxiliary programs (such as the weather processor) 
until the full release.

If you still are interested in obtaining the beta under the above 
conditions, send an email to Linda@xxxxxxxxxx and we'll be sure you receive 
notice of how to obtain the beta.

Linda Lawrie 

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