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[EnergyPlus_Support] Revised IDF Editor Available

A revised version of the IDF Editor has been checked into the files 
area.  This version includes the following fixes and enhancements:

CR 4785 - Unable to clear value in a choice field (see message RE: 
Zone Control:Thermostatic:Control Type Schedule Name posted on 

CR 4762 - Alphas stripped from grid display of object names and other 
alpha fields (see messages RE: New IDF Editor on 28Mar02)

CR 4731 - Fix display of illegal comma or decimal characters 
(previously, commas entered when "." was the system decimal separator 
would display in the grid but not affect the value.  The same would 
happen with "." when "," was the decimal separator.)

CR 4658 - Display EnergyPlus version number from IDD file

There is one known problem with this version.  Under certain 
conditions some objects may write empty fields (commas with no 
values) to the idf file instead of truncating the object at the last 
value.  For certain object types this may cause error messages.  
Clearing the extra fields in IDFEditor, or removing the extra commas 
in a text editor will fix the problem.  (CRs 4113 and 4712)


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