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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Flow Rate Problems


The error message indicates that the problem is with the demand-side 
splitter on the chilled water loop.  The inlet flow to this splitter 
is governed by the chilled water supply loop max/min flow values.  
The outlet flow from this splitter is governed by the max/min flow 
for the chilled water coils on the demand-side branches.  The message 
is indicating that the sum of the max ChW flow for all of the coils 
is less than the min ChW loop flow, which is an impossible situation. 
 Check your flow rates.  If you cannot fix the problem, please send 
your input file.

Mike Witte

On 17 May 2002, at 8:58, vasudha lathey wrote:

> Hi,
> I am having problems defining the Flow rates in various branches and the plant loops and i have been encountering a consistent problem which relates to this field and the flow rate resolver. The error messges are as follows
> ** Severe  ** Inlet parameters for plant demand side splitter are not physically possible
>    **   ~~~   ** Problem in input for plant demand side CHILLED WATER LOOP
>    **   ~~~   ** The maximum flow out of the splitter is less than the minimum inlet flow
>    **   ~~~   ** Flow rate inputs for the loop do not match flow requirements of the various branches/components
>    **   ~~~   ** Check your flow rates and make sure that flow balances between the splitter inlet and outlets
> Can someone please provide more information on this?
> Vasudha
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