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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: [Bldg-sim] (No Subject)

At 11:23 AM 6/23/02, Shefali Rajendra Modi wrote:
>YOu seem to be working on a Sunday, since u responded immediately to my
>membership request.

Not really.  But I did check email.

>I have requested for about totally 64 report variables (where each
>variable is duplicated to follow two different schedules.) These are
>multiplied when each variable is applied to each surface of different
>zones. While the simulation works, it reports only the first 254
>variables. My model gets more complicated with more surfaces - than the
>current simulation. I was wondering if there is some way to have a report
>of all the variables, apart from simply deleting the reported variables in
>the input file and running the simulation again.

Actually, all the variables get reported in the .eso file.  But the post 
processing program will limit its creation of the .csv file to 254 
variables, due to Excel's limititation of same.  So, what you could do is a 
more targeted request to the post processing program (ReadVarsESO) and use 
the created .eso file.

This program is described in both the Output Details document and in the 
InputOutput Reference document (I think).  You can give it a list of just 
the variables you want -- if you give it nothing it tries to report on the 
entire set of variables in the .eso file and probably runs into the limit.

Though you are looking for surface variables, I think, if you were looking 
for meter variables (Report Meter), the .mtr file that gets saved can also 
be run from the post processing program (I think we do it automatically) 
and is usually a lot less individual variables.

In order to do this, you will have to use the Command mode or MS-DOS mode 
rather than use EP-Launch or other methods.

Hope this helps.


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