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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Energy Modeling

At 12:15 PM 6/26/02, you wrote:
>My, wouldn't it be great if E+ is determining microclimate variations
>between different simulations, such as the effects of natural or human-made
>shading, surface characteristics, outdoor air intake location, site
>characteristics, etc :)  Does E+ have some/any of these capabilities?

I think EnergyPlus has enough to do just using the weather data that is 
available.  No, it does not have influence over the outdoor dry bulb, etc 
for the above items.  Of course, it does take into account the effects of 
natural or human-made or building shading -- using the detached shade, 
attached shade or just other surfaces in the building geometry.

What Shefali may be seeing is if the number of time steps in the hour are 
being changed between the two simulations or if the outdoor temperatures 
are being reported at different intervals (i.e. timestep vs. hourly vs....) 
that there will be slight differences in the interpolations.

Most of the weather data is available hourly -- in order for EnergyPlus to 
simulate at < 1 hour time steps (i.e. 15 minute or 10 minute), it does a 
straight line interpolation of the weather data to achieve a 
temperature-timestep correlation.  Perhaps that interpolation will explain 
the differences Shefali is seeing.


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