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[EnergyPlus_Support] RE: Demand Controlled Ventilation


Currently, the only practical way I know of to model DCV is by altering
schedules for ventilation based on your own analysis (spreadsheets/owner
input/judgement/ASHRAE62 guidance) of occupancy.  LEED, for instance,
accepts this kind of analysis...

"To document savings for this scheme, follow the ECB Exceptional Calculation
Method. See Section 11.5 of the ASHRAE 90.1 User's Manual. Under the ECM,
schedule variations may be used as a basis of engineering calculations for
discrete measures that are precluded by the reference standard or the LEEDTM
EMP...An engineering narrative must provide a theoretical basis and describe
the expected interactive modes the measure will have with other systems of
the basic simulation, and it shall describe all of the
assumptions in the analog system model used to predict the savings."(LEED
Credit Inquiry Rulings)

Where I think there is room for improvement is to actually use ASHRAE62's
Quantitative evaluation procedures, which I think are based on metabolic
rates, ventilation rates and occupancy schedules, and not simply using, say,
20cfm/person, but calculating carbon dioxide production.

hope this helps.

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Are there plans for Demand Controlled Ventilation simulations in E+?
If so, when may they be available?
What other Demand Controlled Ventilation simulations have respect and
professional standing?
Thanks for any assistance.

Ian Campbell, GPS Gas Protection Systems Inc.

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