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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Heat discharge

Cooling towers report "Tower Heat Transfer" which is the total heat 
removed from the condenser water loop.  The amount of water lost to 
the atmosphere is not reported.

Chillers report "Chiller Cond Heat Trans" which is the heat rejected 
from the chiller into the condenser water loop (if water cooled) or 
to the air (if air cooled).  This value is also accumulated on the 
"HeatRejection:EnergyTransfer" meter.

DX units do not report a separate output for heat rejection.  It can 
be computed by adding together "DX Coil Total Cooling Energy" and "DX 
Cooling Coil Electric Consumption".


On 24 Jul 2002, at 14:02, rmp4aup6 wrote:

> Sorry, it's me again to bother you.
> Is it possible to simulate the heat discharge (heat rejection)form
> HVAC to outside environment?(Sensible heat and latent heat)
> I saw a output parameter:
> Zone, Meter, HeatRejection:EnergyTransferwhich is the heat rejected
> from the chiller to either a consenser water or through an air-cooled
> condenser.
> Thank you very much.

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