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[EnergyPlus_Support] HVAC systems

Thank you very much.
I spend some time to study basic knowledge of HVAC system.
But there are some points unclear to me. So, please........Thank you
very much.

Basically, we have two types of HVAC:
A. Package-system(Window-type and seperate-type): most of them are
B. Central-system: air-cooled and water-cooled
I hope it is not wrong in my understanding.

Now, I want to simulate these two types seperately:
(1)case A(package system):
The total heat rejection should be "DX Coil Total Energy" + "DX
Cooling Coil Electric Consumption",
(2)case B-1 (central system with air-cooled)
the same as case A, I think!!
(3)case B-2 (central systems with water-cooled)
the total heat rejection should be "Tower Heat Transfer"

But why should I add the DX Cooling Electric Consumption in case A,
Electric Consumption affect the Heat rejection??
and What's the difference between Tower Heat Transfer and Chiller Cond
Heat Trans?
Doesn't all the heat rejection from chiller remove by Cooling
Tower?(water cooled case)
How about air-cooled case?

I am very sorry to ask so many questions.

HSIEH Chun-Ming 

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