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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Sub surfaces, Thermal bridges


Since EnergyPlus only models 1-dimensional heat transfer, you must 
use some other method to determine the effective resistance 
accounting for the thermal bridge.  Once you know this, you can 
introduce it into EnergyPlus by either adjusting the resistance of an 
entire exterior surface to reflect an appropriate effective 
resistance, or you can break the exterior surface into two parts.  A 
small part with a low resistance representing the area adjacent to 
the thermal bridge, and then a larger area using the normal wall 
construction representing the rest of the exterior surface.


On 19 Sep 2002, at 16:50, Solé Bonet, Josep wrote:

> I'm using Energy+ to calculate energetic demand in a building (only
> thermal load). I use the scheme PurchAir. Is it the best way?. In some
> walls like (cavity wall system) the heat coefficient in reveals is
> very different from the rest. How can I introduce it?. How can I
> introduce the linear thermal transmittance of thermal bridges (like
> unions between facades and floors)?.
> Josep Sole

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