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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Design Day

At 07:48 AM 10/7/2002, rmp4aup6 wrote:
Please look at the zone sizing part, there are options here in
"outside air method (flow/person & flow/zone)" and "design air flow
method"(design day & flow/zone) objects. When I tried to change from
flow/person to the flow/zone in these objects of 5ZoneAuto.idf and
delete the dasign day object, it shows that 'E+ did not complete
successfully. No eplusout.end file created.' after running simulation.
Does that mean autosizing require the data of design day?

Yes, autosizing uses only design days to make it's calculations.  It can then with a runperiod but must have design day input to perform autosizing calculations.


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