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[EnergyPlus_Support] AIRAH Conference Sydney Australia

 An Energy Efficient Design Conference is being held by the Australian Institute Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH), on November 29 2002, at the Novotel Brighton Beach, Sydney, Australia.

 If any other users of EnergyPlus software intend being at this conference I would be pleased if they let me know.

 The advise with respect to the conference is as follows:


Australia has reached a critical point in the environmental challenges facing designers.  As new performance benchmarking schemes are being introduced, the commercial drivers are becoming more tangible and the building services industry is being challenged to respond.  Designers of air conditioning and ventilation systems are arguably the most significant discipline in the design of buildings to meet the demands of sustainable development.

 HVAC &R engineers will come under increasing pressure to design to an energy budget and be held accountable for the performance of their design.  The shift is happening and this conference provides an ideal opportunity to hear about the latest innovations through experts in the field who are paving the way forward in sustainable design.

 Don't miss this important event and the opportunity to learn from the innovators in energy efficient design.

 Keynote speaker: Che Wall, Group Director of the Lincolne Scott Group of companies and manager of Advanced Environmental Concepts

 Conference Forum :Energy Modelling - Mayhem or methodology?:Major software producers have been invited to debate the challenges energy modelling takes to practitioners and hoe changes to the BCA will impact on designers.

 Full program details available on line at www.airah.org.au

Barry Holding
Barry W Holding & Associates Pty Ltd
E-mail: product@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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