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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Changing the batch file "RunEPlus.bat"

At 04:59 AM 11/5/2002, Monjur M Mourshed wrote:
Thanks for your opinions. I would like to keep my installation
independent of EnergyPlus installed directory (instead of copying
MyInterface.exe to E+ directory)  and I think I can't copy EnergyPlus
files into my installation and distribute it.

Not unless you buy a distribution license.

Can EnergyPlus developing group provide us with little more details
about how EnergyPlus.exe deals with parameters provided in the batch
file? Some explanations might be:

1. EnergyPlus.exe considers that Energy+.idd should always be installed
in the same location as EnergyPlus.exe. It is not possible to explicitly
tell EnergyPlus.exe that the file is located elsewhere. Am I right?

False.  EnergyPlus reads the "Energy+.ini" file in the "local" directory.  In a batch environment, it is easy to determine the local directory.  In a Windows environment (i.e. spawning an executable from the windows interface), it is less so.

This Energy+.ini has several important lines:


being the most crucial.  This section "[program]" and line "dir=" is what EnergyPlus reads to figure out where the Energy+.idd file is installed.

of further importance to run the TRNSYS PV option is:

but that can be ignored until you get the program running properly.

Once it can find the Energy+.idd, it will look (and write) everything else to the "local" directory.  (i.e. it expects an in.idf file, and will write eplusout.err, eplusout.eso, etc to that space.)

The features of the Energy+.ini file are given in several places in the documentation: Getting Started (Running EnergyPlus heading), Guide to Interface Developers (Running EnergyPlus heading), InputOutput Reference.  Perhaps they are not described adequately?  I will try to beef up the explanation in the Interface Developers guide to cover this kind of situation (where EnergyPlus may not be in the same directory as the "local" directory).

What other things like "this" EnergyPlus.exe Assumes? If so, where can I
find it?

I would look in those areas in the above referenced documents and see if they answer your questions.  Also the "OutputDetailsAndExamples" document covers the contents of the output files.


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