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[EnergyPlus_Support] Warning -- Some of the recent DOE-2 BIN conversions

In some of the DOE-2 BIN format conversions I've done for people recently, 
I have just noticed that some of the years are showing up as -999.

I'm not sure what EnergyPlus will do with this when it tries to read the 
file.  The year of the Weather File is not important to EnergyPlus.  But it 
does look a bit confusing in outputs.

 From what I can tell, this is the year that is being produced from the BIN 
=> FMT conversion and may be on the original BIN file.  Without using that 
file in DOE-2, I don't know how to find out.

I thought I would warn you all.  I will be changing the weather converter 
for EnergyPlus so it won't produce -999 as the year from these.  Any 
suggestions on what the year should be in this case?

Just thought I would warn you.  Fortunately, the EPW file is easily edited 
as it is a flat ASCII text file.


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