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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] out of bonds part4


There are many warnings about ceiling surfaces with a tilt of 180 
instead of 0:

   ** Warning ** Roof/Ceiling Tilt=180.0, much greater than expected 
tilt of 0, for Surface=P-1 Z1 CEILING001/9, in Zone=PISO -1 ZONA1

This means that the order of the vertices is reversed from what it 
should be.  This can cause some radiant transfer problems which may 
be what is causing the surface temperature to go out of bounds.  

To fix the ceiling surfaces which are upside down, simply reverse the 
order of the vertices.  Take vertices 1,2,3,4, and change it to 

The surface details report is very helpful in checking geometry:

Report, surfaces, details;

This produces a listing in the eio file which summarizes all surfaces 
by area, tilt, azimuth, etc.  It is comma separated and may be more 
easy to read by pasting it into a spreadsheet and splitting on commas.


On 9 Nov 2002, at 14:53, nuno lourenço wrote:

> I correct the errors and ran the file but I continue with the same
> problem. The simulation stop because I have an temperature which is
> out of bonds. If I am not mistaken all schedules are 0 until 8h. How
> can I have a temp of ~210ºC at 7h15?It is possible?
> Best regards,
> Lourenço

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