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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] New file uploaded to EnergyPlus_Support

> Thank you, your answer. I saw the answer for you to send. But your
> answer is not the fact that I want to know. I want to know the
> next fact.  
> 1. Although Outdoor DB Temperature is higher than Mean Air
> Temperature, Why is cooling load zero ?   

Turn on the surface temperature reporting.  At night, the ODB is 26-27C, 
but all surfaces will be cooled by night sky radiant transfer.  The outside 
surface temperature of the roof is approximatley 22C, and the outside 
surface of the walls are all slightly below 24C.  So there is no cooling 

> 2. Although I fix the Mean Air Temperaure by Purchased Air, Why
> does the Mean Air Temperature change ?   

Your heating setpoint is 20C, and your cooling setpoint is 24C.  When there 
is no need for heating of cooling the zone temperature will float in 

> 3. If the wall thickness of a material property changed from 0.01m
> to 0.3m, the cooling load is not zero and Mean Air Temperature is
> fixed. Why does the matter occur ?  

Thermal mass stores heat from the day so that there is now a cooling load 
all night long.


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