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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] IFC>IDF converting

I want to convert *.IFC by autodesk architectural desktop file to *.IDF file.
But I can't.I met always error message "unable to creat Bspro dispatch dirver"

BSPro demo version is only for 28 days. If you have passed that period, you need to get an authorized copy of BSPro. Even in demo mode (if you didn’t authorize it), a message box pops up with THREE options. You should select “Run BSPro” than “Authorize BSPro” or “Already have an authorization code”.

I am now looking at ADTs capability to export DWG file to IFC. It seems, ADT doesn’t have a zone/space option to be defined by the user. Please note, Zone/ Space in Structure or Architectural design is different from HVAC point of view.


NOTE: ADT produces IFC 1.5 files, where as other CAD software like ArchiCAD produces IFC 2.0. There’s a big difference in structure and organization of IFC 1.5 and IFC 2.0 even bigger difference with IFC 2x.

Hope it helps


Monjur Mourshed

IRUSE, UCC, Cork. Ireland.

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