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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Problems with IDF Editor to insert needed data

At 06:35 AM 2/12/2003, Isidor Giglmayr wrote:
>I wanted to use named coils (Coil:DX:CoolingBypassFactorEmpirical, 
>Coil:DX:MulltiSpeed:CoolingEmpirical) within my HVAC and couldn't insert 
>the needed funktion for part load ratio. At the IDF Editor it tells me to 
>select from list but the only thing I get there is "BLANK". I have written 
>my tables and I can select it for the four other needed curves. Maybe 
>there is a bug at the editor.

More likely a missing field in the IDD.

The IDF editor is only as smart as the IDD it reads.  and it uses certain 
fields to "fill in the blanks".  For example, in the BUILDING object:

   A3 ; \field Solar Distribution
        \note  MinimalShadowing | FullExterior | FullInteriorAndExterior
        \type choice
        \key MinimalShadowing
        \key FullExterior
        \key FullInteriorAndExterior
        \default FullExterior

It uses the "type choice" and "key" fields to know to bring up a pull down 
list for choices to the user.

In your instance, it's (the IDD) is probably missing a reference to the 
appropriate list of curve names?  Or key elements? (choices as above).  If 
you can tell me which object(s) you're looking at, I can take a closer look.


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