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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] RunPeriod vs. DesignDay


No, it would not be the same.  Run Period data is taken from a 
weather data file and will almost always not be the same as the 
design day data.  The design days in the datasets are single days 
statistically determined from 30-yr weather data to be used for 
equipment sizing.  The weather files are a collection of actual 
months from a similar (often the same) 30-yr data set.  Also, for 
autosizing equipment, design days are required.  You cannot autosize 
based on data from a weather file.


On 13 Mar 2003, at 22:06, waspoorboy wrote:

> Hi,
> RunPeriod defines a period of time for simulation. 
> (ex.3/13/2003-4/13/2003)
> DesignDay is an "user created" day (weather) data for simulation.
> ------------ I guess there're different aspects for using these two.
> But I don't quite get it. (To me, in some sense DesignDay is just one
> or more selected day(s) from RunPeriod) ------------ In
> 1zoneuncontrolled.idf, two DesignDay are used. 1/21 and 7/21. Is it
> equivalent to use the following instead ? RunPeriod 1/21-1/21 and
> RunPeriod 7/21-7/21
> Thanks,
> Ming

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