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[EnergyPlus_Support] modelling zones with many vertices?


I've uploaded an idf file describing my problem.

I'm trying to model high rise public housing in singapore and see how 
external shading, orientation of apartment unit and altitude of unit 
within a building block affects the thermal performance.

To start the experiment, I need to model the typical level of the 
apartment block, which has 4 apartment units per level, arranged 
around a central rectangular core.

All apartments have similar plans, but mirrored to the adjacent one.

The plan is extremely irregular (I may need to sub divide the zones 
according to the rooms and other areas later)

My problems are,

So far, I am just testing to see how the different orientation of the 
apartments affects the thermal performance. I am using 4 regular 
quadrilaterals zones to describe 1 unit, but the sub division is very 
different from the actual plan division. This is rather the simplest 
way to describe the overall plan. 

1. How do I describe the interfaces between these sub-zones to best 
replicate the effects of a single larger zone? 

2. Right now i'm just describing them as concrete walls. Would this 
cause inaccuracies in terms of effects of air flow?

3. Right now the results show the north east apartment as the hottest 
and the south west as the coolest. This defies conventional wisdom in 
Singapore, a country on the equator. Have I made any mistakes?

4. I need only to describe qualitatively the thermal performances and 
thus am using the "purchased air", with parameters copied from the 
example files. Is there more detailed documentation or "typical" 
examples of actual "typical systems" that I may get to define the 

Thanks in advance.

Yijun Huang
Research Assistant
National University of Singapore

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