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[EnergyPlus_Support] Division of one zone into several sub-zones

We are using Energy Plus to develop some realistic heating and 
cooling demand profiles for large office buildings in Tokyo.  
For the large open work areas that are common here, large 
temperature gradients can develop across the room from the 
location of the main heating/cooling vent to the windows. So it 
is common practice to add small package air conditioners to 
provide supplementary heating and cooling near the windows.  In 
order to model the relative energy requirements for the main 
and supplementary air conditioning systems in Energy Plus, we 
are trying to use a method of dividing the large room into 
several zones that are divided by "virtual walls".  We want to 
use the COMIS package to model the free convection of air 
between those zones.
Has anyone tried anything similar with Energy Plus - i.e. dividing 
single rooms into two or more zones and using MIXING objects or COMIS 
to generate convection?  We would be grateful for a chance to learn 
about new ways to do this and/or swap experiences with failures and 
trying to overcome them. 
Celine Weber
University of Tokyo
Department of Chemical Systems Engineering 

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