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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: warning message interpretation

At 10:32 AM 4/16/2003, zhaicq98 wrote:
>I've checked the input file. There are only two entries, winter
>design day and summer design day, related to the PB. And my input is
>correct, 96923 Pa. In addition, I did nothing to the weather file. It
>was downloaded from E+ website and it works well for my other
>simulations. I have no idea where the numbers like 0.95, 1.07 come
>from. They occured at the same hour, 1/09/07. I am confused...

Please tell us which weather file you were using.  It looks like it might 
have been translated improperly or something.

What may be happening is that "tomorrow's" weather is processed at the 
start of a day.  And two values (humidity ratio and wet bulb) are 
calculated during that time.  We just noticed that late in this release 
cycle and will be a high priority to be looking at in the near future -- 
but that may be the reason for the confusing "times" of occurrence.


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