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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: IFC>IDF problems

Thanks for your response, Rob.

#1: I already updated to EnergyPlus V1.1 and have the latest 
IFCtoIDF(v1.1) and BSPro(2x beta6). 
But I got the error message which I described in STEP4
"Error reading IFC file. Message written to IDF file"

The reason why I tested the old version of EnergyPlus v1.0.023,
IFCtoIDF(beta4)/BSPro(v1.12b) and included the results in STEP5
is the old version at least prodece the walls in IDF file, although 
no roof no floor; while the new version v1.1 doesn't give me any 
surface at all in the IDF file.
In other words, it seems the old version works a little better ?!

#2: I went to the link but it's login/password protected for download.
G.E.M. Team Solutions IFC section:

#3: I also did some experiment with the floor2.IFC which came with
IFCtoIDF with EnergyPlus V1.1, Using IFCtoIDF(v1.1)/BSPro(2x beta6) 
gives no floor no roof(ceiling) in the IDF produced.

Then I switch to the old version IFCtoIDF(beta4)/BSPro(v1.12b) and 
processed the same floor2.IFC, the IDF contains floors but no roof
(ceiling). Again the old version seems to work better in the case.

I don't know what I did wrong.
The floor2.IFC and floor2_v11.IDF and floor2_beta4.IDF were uploaded 
to the folder [1zonetestIFC] for reference.

Thanks for the help.

Hello Ming,

First - You should update to EnergyPlus V1.1, which includes an 
update to the IFCtoIDF utility and the BSPro COM-Server middleware 
that the utility requires. This latest version includes substantial 
changes to the import of geometry from IFC data files.

Second - We do not yet have much experience with ADT 3.3. You should 
be using the latest IFC interface for ADT. I will forward a message 
to this email list with the URL for the IFC interface.

Third - Please let me know if you are still having problems after 
updating your software. We need as much feedback as possible so that 
we can continue to improve the IFC interface for EnergyPlus.

Rob Hitchcock

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