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[EnergyPlus_Support] WaterHeater:Simple for domestic hot water ?

The WaterHeater:Simple object is a multipurpose object which 
can serve both domestic hot water demands and serve as a 
source of heat to a hot water coil loop.
The example file EnergyPlus\ExampleFiles\Misc\HRGenChill.idf
=====Above quoted from Message#409(Mike)====================

If I use WaterHeater:Simple only for domestic hot water.
How do I connect the nodes in the water loop ?
Since I don't connect the WaterHeater to any coil or equipment.
I mean I don't have a hot water loop actually.
Do I make up a dummy hot water loop for my WaterHeater ?

If I put the WaterHeater in a zone, say, HouseBasement,
E+ doesn't do heat balance between the tank and the zone air.

Is there other WaterHeater objects in E+ which can interact
with zone air?


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