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Dear EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

I have a question about HVAC System Templates.
Are macros indicated (see below) available in an EP folder (which?!) or are 
macro user defined?
I tried to compile the syntax like described in the EP documents, but EP 
final results is a "strange" file end the error message is that EP can't 
find templates and macro indicated.
Thanks and
Best Regards
Purchased Air System
ZoneThermostat[ ] (once for each zone)
PurchAirZone[ ] (once for each zone)

Packaged Furnace with DX Cooling System
ZoneThermostat[ ] (once for each zone)
DirectAirZone[ ] (once for each zone)
UnitaryAirLoop[ ]

Four-Pipe Fan Coil System
ZoneThermostat[ ] (once for each zone)
4PipeFanCoilZone[ ] (once for each zone)
FanCoilLoops[ ]

Single-Duct VAV System with Outside Air Option
ZoneThermostat[ ] (once for each zone)
VAVZone[ ] (once for each zone)
VAVAirLoop[ ]
ChilledWaterDemand[ ]
HotWaterDemand[ ]

Purchased Hot Water/Chilled Water Supply Plant
PurchasedSupplyWithBypass[ ]

Single Chiller Supply Plant
ChillerSupply1 [ ]
Condenser1[ ]

Single Boiler Supply Plant
BoilerSupply1 [ ]

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