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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] - Uploaded Dual Duct file

I have two issues with a file I have just uploaded (dualduct.idf). One is that I am trying to run the dual duct system and maintain the air loop - I get this error message:
   ** Severe  ** Air System:number of air system exit nodes must match number of zone equip inlet nodes
   ** Severe  ** Branch for Air System=TYPICAL TERMINAL REHEAT 1, has an error.
   **   ~~~   ** Probable missing or misspelled node referenced in the branch(es):
   **   ~~~   ** Possible Error in Branch Object=AIR LOOP MAIN BRANCH
   **  Fatal  ** Errors found getting Air Primary Loop
It is not clear to me which nodes to put where for this one. 
The other issue is that I am trying to gain energy consumption data for the two gas boilers in the file. I have put a "Gas: Facility" meter in, but this does not register any values in the output. The hot water loop demand results also seems to be cumulative. Is there an output which can give me the gas consumption per hour for these boilers, or are the boilers in the file not functioning for some reason?
Thanks in advance,
Sam Roose
Victoria University of Wellington

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