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[EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus/COMIS results zero flow when Cd less than 0.0005

To reproduce this problem:
I took example file 3zvent.idf

#1: Delete all cracks. [only two window and one door left]
#2: Remove East_Zone from COMIS ZONE DATA

#3a: Create another COMIS AIR FLOW:OPENING, WiOpen2
#3b: Associate Window2 to WiOpen2,(instead of WiOpen1)

#4a: Change the Air Mass Flow Coeff from 0.001 to 0.0001
#4b: The 0.001->0.0001 only for COMIS AIR FLOW:OPENING, WiOpen1
[Chang WiOpen2 to 0.0001 will give Singular Matrix Fatal error msg]

#5: Execute EnergyPlus and the output of Window1(WiOpen1) showed
zero flowrate.

p.s. The same problem was reported in Message #2029 and #2039

modified 3zvent_error2.idf was uploaded to EnergyPlus_Support[Files]

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