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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Construction for Radiant Slab Cooling


Yes, if you wish to have a radiant slab between two zones and have it 
affect both zones from a heat transfer perspective, then you will need to 
specify the slab as an interzone partition.  Here are a couple of things to 
keep in mind with radiant systems and interzone surfaces:

If the radiant system is embedded in concrete, you will always need to 
split that concrete into two layers with the source/sink point between 
those two layers.

With interzone surfaces, you must define the surface in each zone that it 
is connected to.

If the hydronic tubing is not centered in the concrete layer or there are 
other layers above or below the concrete that make the construction 
non-symmetric, you will need to have two separate constructions so that the 
order of the materials (outside to inside) from the perspective of the zone 
you are in (this changes as you go from one zone to the other).

The radiant system is only defined for and controlled by one zone, not 
both.  You must decide where the thermostat is located and use that as the 
zone where the radiant system is located.  The program will figure out the 
impact on the other zone automatically if the interzone surface connect is 
done correctly.

I hope this information helps and answers your questions.  If not or if you 
have further questions, please feel free to address them to entire support 

Rick Strand
EnergyPlus Development Team

At 04:46 PM 3/22/2004, you wrote:
>Hi, all;
>I have a question for modelling the radiant slab cooling.
>If the radiant slab is between two zones, eg, partition, slab etc.,
>how can I modele the construction of the interzones surfaces? For
>example, if I modele the concrete slab between two zones (upper and
>lower), should I seperate the concrete into two layers so each layer
>has the half thickness with internal source between them in one
>surface?  And then should I model the adjacent surface of other zone
>in the same way?
>Thanks a lot.
>David Tian

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