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[EnergyPlus_Support] Purchase air question

Hello . I'm trying to simulate a rather large building in the Aristotle
University In Thessaloniki, Greece. Right now i'm interested in
determining the thermal and cooling loads, so i use purchased:air.I'd like
to now how exactly the temperature of the supplying heating/coolin air
affects the loads, e.g if the heating temperature is 25 celsius degrees
and not 50 as in the example idf, what effect that would have on the
thermal load of the zone? Or is it that actually there is no importance of
the supplying temperature, and the results do not vary muchand why?

One last thing.I also want to calculate the relative humidity in the
zone.I've seen in the rdd file that the appropriate variable exists,
although i haven't used MTF as the desired solution algo.Is the MTF used
only for determining the moisture transfer through the walls?Currently i
use the purchase air component with no outside air ste, but rather use the
infiltration method to handle it.
With a comperative simulation i found thah when using purchased air with
the outside air option, my rel.humidity was up to 97% and the humidity
ratio was constant and the value of humidity ratio set in the
purchased:air, while when using infiltration the re.humidity was down to
55-70% for the given dayand the reatio varied as expected.Which is the
best way to simulate, given the fact that i wan also to see  the depedence
of temperature and moisture with eachother in the loads simulation?

Thx for yout ime and i hope i am clear in my questions

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