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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Three-sided polygon.

At 05:53 PM 5/18/2004, indoman1611 wrote:

>I have a problem in creating a roof for a house. The roof is a
>normal roof consists of 2 rectangulars and 2 triangles.
>The three-sided polygon is giving me the most problem. I used
>degenerating point but E+ didn't like that. Is there a trick to do
>this? Can I tell E+ to use degenerating point?

Just enter 3 vertices, not 4.  Tell it that you want to enter 3.

Here is a gable end from the ADS House example file:

     EastGable,               !- User Supplied Surface Name
     WALL,                    !- Surface Type
     GABLE,                   !- Construction Name of the Surface
     ATTIC ZONE,              !- InsideFaceEnvironment
     ExteriorEnvironment,     !- OutsideFaceEnvironment
     ,                        !- OutsideFaceEnvironment Object
     SunExposed,              !- Sun Exposure
     WindExposed,             !- Wind Exposure
     .5,                      !- View Factor to Ground
     3,                       !- Number of Surface Vertex Groups -- Number 
of (X,Y,Z) groups
     17.242,5.389,4.6838,  !- X,Y,Z ==> Vertex 1
     17.242,0.0,2.4384,  !- X,Y,Z ==> Vertex 2
     17.242,10.778,2.4384;  !- X,Y,Z ==> Vertex 3


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