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[EnergyPlus_Support] “Zone/Sys Sensible Load Predicted” and “Purchased Air Total Cooling Rate”

Hi all,

I am trying to simulate an office (with Lights and People at normal 
working hours, e.t.c.) with EnergyPlus. I am using the Purchased Air 
for Heating and Cooling (setpoints at 20 and 24 oC respectively) and 
I am running an annual simulation to get the annual heating and 
cooling loads and the peak heating and cooling loads. For the Report 
Variables, I am taking results for "Zone/Sys Sensible Load Predicted" 
(hourly and for the run period which is actually annual), "Zone/Sys 
Sensible Heating Rate" (hourly), "Zone/Sys Sensible Cooling Rate" 
(hourly), "Purchased Air Heating Rate" (hourly and for the run period 
which is actually annual) and "Purchased Air Total Cooling Rate" 
(hourly and for the run period which is actually annual). As far as I 
can see from these results:

When heating is needed, the "Zone/Sys Sensible Load Predicted" is 
most of the times (apart probably from the first timestep when the 
heating is on) the same with the "Zone/Sys Sensible Heating Rate" and 
the "Purchased Air Heating Rate".
However, the same does not happen when cooling is needed: "Zone/Sys 
Sensible Load Predicted" and "Zone/Sys Sensible Cooling Rate" are 
again most of the times the same but "Purchased Air Total Cooling 
Rate" is significantly higher. Thought this was because maybe the 
latent loads were taken into account for the "Purchased Air Total 
Cooling Rate" but I am not quite sure for the reason. Any idea? Which 
of these results is actually the result that I want?
I made smaller actually the values of the "Heating Supply Air 
Humidity ratio" and "Cooling Supply Air Humidity ratio" fields of the 
Purchased Air but still there are differences in all these results.

Thank you in advance,


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