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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Daylight

At 01:19 PM 8/3/2004, Fábyo Luiz Pereira wrote:

>    I´m trying to simulate a daylight example and have some doubts:
>- "Minimum input power fraction for continuous dimming control"
>(Daylighting:Detailed): This fraction is relative to the "Design Level"

Yes -- but you also need to consider the "Lighting Control Type" field.

>- "Total daylighting reference points" (Daylighting:Detailed): I´m afraid that
>can't use 2 reference points, cause the "Daylight Illum at Ref Point" 
>Report is
>giving, for some hours, nonsense values like 29000 lux. When I simulate the
>same building with only 1 reference point the results for this report seems to
>be acceptable (maximum value about 2500 lux).

We need to see this input file to see if this is an error in the 
code.  Please send it to energyplus-support@xxxxxxxx or to me linda@xxxxxxxxxx

>- In my case, I´m using 3025 W of light design level per zone (each one have
>about 150 m2 of floor area), with visible fraction equal to 0.35. This 
>way, can
>I estimate a value for my "Illuminance setpoint at first reference point"
>(Daylighting:Detailed)? I´m using the default value for this variable (500
>lux), and I know that usually we choose that based on a table, but I´m not 
>that my power design level can be able to give this illuminance. For my
>viewpoint, knowing the light's visible fraction and the floor area I can 
>find a
>illuminance level. Is that right?

You can also produce the "illuminance map" report for your 
simulation.  Maybe this would help you?

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