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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Getting humidification to work


As it states in the IO Ref, Unitary System:BlowThrough:HeatCool is the
same as Furnace:BlowThrough:HeatCool.  The following example files
contain this furnace:blowthrough:heatcool object:



--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Sam Roose <sam@e...> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Richard.
> I have since used a humidistat for the main zone in my building and
set it
> to 50% (minimum desired humidity). I saw some pretty weird results:
> Changing the humidistat allowed the gallery zone to maintain minimum
> humidity and ideal 19-21 degree temperatures, until the 10 April
where the
> humidity and temperature drop to ~30% and 19 degrees respectively
for no
> apparent reason. The minor zones drop well below ideal temperature
after the
> 10th of April. Half way through November the temperature and
> returns to the situation pre 10th of April. Energy use also appears
> before April the 10th, then increases sharply. From what I can tell,
this is
> not a schedule issue. Any suggestion as to why this occurs is
> appreciated.
> The output from the humidifier is still around 600W max despite it
Having a
> rated power of 21000W.
> I have reloaded the file to the ³Sam Roose² folder for
inspection, to be
> used with a Wellington NZ weather file.
> Also, if there is, or in future will be, any way to treat humidity
> temperature is treated in terms of applying a deadband to the
> humidity range and having multizone control I would love to hear
about it.
> While I¹m troubleshooting, is there an example file available
with the
> ³Unitary System: BlowThru:HeatCool² model in it? This appears
relate to
> the system I have been attempting, which was based on a number of
> Thanks in advance
> Sam
> On 10/1/04 8:48 AM, "Richard J. Liesen" <rliesen@u...> wrote:
> > A small typo that completely changes the meaning of the message. 
> > corrected statement is shown below in between asterisks, since you
can not
> > use HTML formatting in this group. Richard L.
> > 
> > ******************************************** Hello, I have just
made some
> > corrections and changes in the Humidistat object along with the
> > humidity setpoint managers for the new EnergyPlus release.  One of
the key
> > points that will be stressed in the input output reference
documentation is
> > that a Humidistat is necessary for the control zone to provide a
> > load for the setpoint manager to make its calculation.  ***This
is a
> > necessary requirement*** and I am not sure how you made it to this
> > without having one in your input file.  As a first step I would
add the
> > humidistat object and see what happens with your simulation.
> > 
> > Thanks Richard Liesen
> > 
> > 
> > At 12:43 AM 9/30/2004, Sam Roose wrote: I have uploaded a file
called "base
> > case" in the "Sam Roose" folder in which there is a steam
humidifier for
> > humidification and a DX cooling coil for dehumidification. Running
this idf
> > using a Wellington NZ weather file, I find that the humidity
varies between
> > 40 and 90%, whereas the intention is to keep it between 50 and
56%.  I also
> > find that the humidifier only registers a maximum of around 600W
of power
> > throughout the year, the equivalent of the humidifier fan power
> > stand-by).
> > 
> >> > Here's my question: Is the rated humidifier power (21 kW in
this case)
> >> > registering anywhere, say on a different meter from
electricity? Is there a
> >> > way to make the humid/dehumid equipment meet it's demand?
> >> > 
> >> > At the moment I have set up a minimum humidity set point in the
> >> zone 
> >> > and a maximum humidity set point in an adjacent zone (in
reaction to a
> >> comment 
> >> > made by Michael J Witte on September 17th). I have also got by
without a
> >> > humidistat in the past (in other words just using a set point
> >> > Recently, a reheat set point manager has been added to the file
in order to
> >> > make the exit temperature from the cooling coil variable. This
has made
> >> > temperatures tighter, however this may be the reason I am now
having the
> >> > humidity control problems.
> >> > 
> >> > Any suggestion on how to fix this problem would be greatly
> >> Thanks 
> >> > in advance,
> >> > 
> >> > Sam Roose Energy Analyst Energy Solutions Ltd. Wellington, New

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