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[EnergyPlus_Support] Maximum humidity control

I have just uploaded a file to the support groups in Problem Submittals
under "Sam Roose" called "15_humid_control". In this case I am trying to get
minimum and maximum humidity setpoints going in the same file (the min.
setpoint being 45%, the max setpoint 59%) or at least get maximum humidity
working, which as yet I have not been able to do. Maximum humidity needs to
be controlled by the cooling coil.

The example file that looks closest to what I am after is
"5zoneWaterCooled_HighRHControl.idf". This supposedly contorls maximum
humidity to 50%, although the results for this file show that humidity is
still getting to 90%. My file is showing max humidity as 80%. I have tried
taking the humidifier out, using TempHumrat as the control variable on the
cooling coil and cranking up my cooling capacity - so far no luck.

So my questions are:

1) Is there an example file with a plant loop and using a cooling coil to
dehumidify that successfully controls maximum humidity to a certain

2) Is there a node out of place which is causing problems with controlling
maximum humidity in my file?

3) Is it possible to create a maximum humidity deadband in EnergyPlus now or
in future?

My file runs in Version 1.2.1

Thanks in advance

Sam Roose 

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